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My biggest Life Mission has been to attain the Highest and Most Loving Union with God.


I realized soon enough, that one of the ways to achieve this, was to seek out and find living examples of individuals who embody this State of being by the Choices, actions and activities they adopt in their day to day existence on earth.


I am naturally very curious and gifted in researching  all things spiritual, and have spent the last 3 decades studying, reading, practising, testing the work of many spiritual teachers and guides. I have come to the conclusion that though there are many individuals exuding varying degrees love, awareness, and Grace, the genuinely fully enlightened teachers are few and far between, at this time on our planet.

I have encountered some highly aware individuals. Some are very well known, while others lead a more simple, quiet, unassuming lifestyle.


But what they all have in common is a powerful aura that radiates love, grace and blessing to all those within their different spheres of activity. I have seen such individuals quietly running homes and raising families, or working in little charity shops, doing voluntary work in hospitals and prisons. Others are out in the world charismatically  ministering spiritually to millions. Some of the famous ones include;  Bishop T.D. Jakes, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Oprah Winfrey, Rev. Donald Reeves, Pastor Margret Kuti, Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo, David Icke, and many more.


It is always a huge blessing in my own life to encounter such people, and this section of the site is dedicated to specially to them and their efforts.... The awakened, enlightened, born again, spirit filled individuals everywhere.


One such teacher amidst us, is SUMA CHING HAI, otherwise known as Master Ching Hai. At this time of writing, I am not personally known to Suma Ching Hai, nor does she even know that this web site exists. We have never been in contact on the physical plane. I have never seen her in person. I never attended any of her public speaking events or been 'Initiated' into her 'Quan Yin' Method of Meditation - a practice where you concentrate on the Divine Inner Light and Sound.


This is partly because, one of the prerequisites to becoming initiated by her, is that you maintain a strict vegetatrian diet, and refrain from using any intoxicants for the rest of your life. Though my meat consumption has been significantly reduced since coming across her teachings, I still like to include some fish and shell food in my diet, and some Halal or organically farmed meat.


I also like to have the very occassional glass of wine as part of a celebration or festive spirit with others. I particularly like the odd glass of Baileys at Christmas and Easter, alas...I'm human afterall. Having said that I do appreciate why Suma Ching Hai recommends a vegetarian diet, and why intoxicants are not encouraged. We only need to look around us to see many of the devastating consequences of alcohol and drug abuse, and the cruelty caused by violence to animals and other living entities including mother earth.


But whether you have an encounter with Suma Ching Hai, directly through her 'Initiating you' into the 'Quan Yin Method', or indirectly, through her writings, books, lectures, audios, videos, extensive works of Art, paintings, crafts, fashion designs and accessories, jewels, music, poetry; her organic methods of horticulture, her simple but harmonious interior designs, her exquisite vegetarian cuisine, her love of animals, her mammoth charity works, or her incredible sense of wit and humour; you will no doubt be deeply touched and moved by the experience and encounter.


She is a phenomenal individual who exudes beauty, kindness, grace, honour, integrity, generosity, goodwill, and all the many qualities one would attribute to the divine nature. She only ever talks of God and love at all times, and I admire that, in a world where so many 'believers' are afraid to even own up to their faith, and rather, will talk about anything  but God.


I would like to make one bold distinction and assertion.

Although many of Suma Ching Hai's students and followers see 'her' as their 'master', I tend to think of her, as a loving spiritual guide, mentor, role model and confidante. I see her as a living example of an awakened being worthy of emulation. Jesus Christ is my Spiritual Master, Savior, Healer and Director of my life.


My own personal experience of my spiritual master, is one residing within my own being, ie.rather than projected outward onto another individual). The Holy Spirit is living within me. And yet , I do believe that Suma Ching Hai is a 'Spiritual Master', in the sense that she has supremely mastered the ego and all its  complexities, and has acquired the ability to rise above it, or even dissolve it completely, so that there is no seperate ego, or ego seperation, only love dwelling in its natural state of Grace while also inhabiting a physical body.


As I have a female body, the fact that Suma Ching Hai also has a female body is very significant to me, for a number of reasons too numerous to include here. One of the more obvious ones is that, as a teacher she is most likely to understand my issues around feminity, and my need to have my hair done, wear make up and wear pretty dresses. ((LOL) There's me human side popping up once more)


A few years ago, when I was still living in London, I attended one evening of meditation, held by one of her London branches. It was after I had just been reading something that Suma Ching Hai had quoted about Jesus Christ teachings, that really touched me. Her love, admiration and understanding of all the teachings of Jesus, was very clear. 


At the time, I was already at a place in my spiritual growth where I was doing quite well. It was an exciting time in my spiritual unfoldment, as I had recently been ordained as a Christian pastor, and was already ministering in a large Church in Central London.


During that encounter, I was taught the 'Convenient Method' of Meditation practice, by Suma Ching Hai's students. The 'Convenient Method' is an exercise that is made available to those like myself who still include meat in their diet, and who are not yet fully vegetarian. The meditation instruction lasted about an hour at the time. After which a lovely vegetarian buffet was laid out, and all participants got the opportunity to ask questions, and view more of Suma Ching Hai's literature, videos and art work. I found the members to be really friendly, positive people. I felt welcome, and warm around them, and they showed so much respect for Christian ministry. They were very attentive. I appreciated that openess and humility.


Shortly afterwards I moved from London to live in the countryside. Needless to say, my life was never the same after that encounter. I became highly Awakened to my spiritual connection, and all I could think about on a daily basis, was how to serve God. I began to be far more aware of other realities besides the day to day survival one. My concern and love for fellow humanbeings grewso much that people around me were amazed by it. They would tell me that they had neve felt loved by anyone like that outside their own mother, or family, yet to me it just felt so natural. I began to experience this consuming love and empathy for everyonr around me. At the same time, my creativity grew. I found that I could play different musical instruments, piano, guitar, drums, etc.. quite easily, and I could sing, and write pages of poetry. I also began to create art and graphic designs by the 100s, and my ability to speak in public and to preach and teach grew. Then I began to handle my finances better, and more and more people would seek me out for counseling and advice. I also began to lose some 'friends' and 'contacts' who did not understand the changes, but even that was fine.


I used to be very lonely at one time and desperated for the company of others to feel secure, but now I began to really enjoy my own company and spending time meditating and communing with God.  I now feel a genuine sense of joy and serenity on a regular basis, that is not easy to put into words. I feel joyful, grateful, blessed and happy.


Of course I still have challenges, and situations that arise, but now I am able to handle them from a completely different vantage point. I consider myself now, to be fully Awakened to my Spiritual origin.  If that is what enlightenment is, then I am indeed enlightened. In Christian circles the state or phenomena  its often described as being 'Born Again' or being 'baptised and enfused' with the Holy Spirit.


At this point in my life, I would very much love to share, this Grace of Awakening and Remembering, with as many others as possible, who are willing and interested. I would like to offer my encouragement. The world needs each and every one of us to be awakened, or enlightened, or born again.


If this is your own desire or intention, or if you want some encouragement, support or assistance along your own spiritual path, then please, please click on any and all the pages and links on this site. They will inspire you. You can also get in touch now, and at any other time by leaving me a message in the guestbook, or going straight to the contact page here, and drop me a line.

I will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.


There are many services which are available to you right now, both Free and Paid. So treat yourself well and come get yours. I look forward to serving you.


Remember....God loves you very much, and so do I.


Peace and Light

Rev. Bola. xxx