Prayers and Affirmations - from 2009


Affirmations for Inner Peace

The love of God quells my thoughts and instills peace in my mind and heart.

I (Rev Bola) am poised and secure in God's presence, and my heart is serene.

God's presence within me is my center of perfect peace. I am confident and calm, knowing that God is with me always.

God within me is my constant source of peace and strength.

I (Rev Bola) relax, release any anxious thought, and peacefully rest in the presence of God.


This is now real.


With Love

Pastor Bola

27 May 09


A Time Saving Prayer

Oh Lord,

Grant me (Rev Bola) patience...

but hurry!(LOL)



With Love Pastor Bola

The Serenity Prayer

My Dear God,

Please grant me (Rev Bola)

the serenity,to accept

the things I cannot change,

The courage to change

the things I can,

And the wisdom to

know the difference.

Thank you and Amen.


With Love Pastor Bola

- 24 April 2009

A Prayer For God’s Power

Help me (Rev Bola) to know
That nothing can defeat me if
I keep myself humbly
In contact with You.

Grant me (Rev Bola) the greatness of soul
To confront my problems
Intelligently and courageously.
For this I thank You.

With Love from Pastor Bola
27 May 09






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