Oh My God

Oh my God, how I love you
You bring me flowers
To brighten my day
I sense the sanctuary
Of your arms around my fears
You spare no expense for my tears.
Caressing my heart
You forever hold her beat
Your love flowing like a river
Through my veins, down to my feet
And I am no longer scared or petrified
Electrified, I want to be with you forever
To feel our holy spirits
Melt into one...Oh higher power,
Let me not dance alone, under the sun
Seasons come, seasons go, but
May I be camped forever, at your door
Until the end of time.

And I know it will be worthwhile
For as I watch you intently,
My mind is renewed
In spirit and in truth.
Together we sit upon the glory bay
Awaiting that special day
When our lives are sealed as one
United in heaven...
My loving angel guide, who with a blink
Brings broken figures back to light
Whose sacredness is for all to share
I can't stop loving you...
No matter what I do
Your divine hands
Keep my spirit warm and clear
Everywhere is special
When you're there.

Poetry by Rev Bola Animashaun - (copyright April 2009 ARR)



Our Reality

This is our reality
Like just before . . .
Eyes shut, ancient
Over here and now.


But also dissipated
Socially constructed truths

That wither like Graffiti walls

Colour gagged toward their own creator.


Tugged and pulled together thoughts
Of unmitigated glory, wandering
Senseless through the smog of
Blackened candle wick
Tossed upon the seas.


Yet somehow, manage doth it

To strike enough light, amid the acrid air
So poets by the dozens

Can begin to write their verses
Portraying human emotions as

Cool rivers, running atop cold mountains
And warm days, running into hot nights.


Poetry by Rev Bola Ani- (copyright April 2009 ARR)