Circles of Brown

Circles Of Brown : PrayerArt by Rev. Bola (10Mar09)

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Prayer and Affirmation Art

Lazy leaves
That billow in mists
Creation's breadth beneath

Waft by leaves found
     Swirling to the ground...


  .....Life At The End Of A Branch.


poetry by Rev. Bola Ani- (Mar09)

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PrayerArt For Conscious Manifestation

There is a special secret to creating the life you want.

The secret is now open and available to you, and it has fast become widely acknowledged, as an actual fact of our existence. I am a firm believer that this secret needs to be made common knowledge and accessible to all. It can no longer be kept from, or ignored by, anyone who is seriously intent on leading a successful and happy life.This secret is the now famous Law of Attraction; otherwise known as the the Law of Magnetic Resonance, or the Law of Deliberate Creation. The secret is founded upon the simple but profound universal premise, that 'like attracts like'.  When based on the awareness of thoughts being real tangible things, positive thoughts and beliefs can, and do attract positive experiences for the thinker. Likewise, negative thoughts and beliefs attract negative experiences.  Thought, is not seperate from experience, but actually creates experience. This then, is the power of our thoughts, and our personal responsibility. That our focused thoughts and beliefs, create our habitual experiences. Thoughts (backed by emotion), are what produce reality or experience. So if we want to have a certain experience, we have to first conceive the experience in our minds, with our thoughts, and then birth it into being, fueled by our positive emotions. This is much like a dance between us and the unseen forces, behind the universe. We do our bit,  by acknowledging our innermost desires and conceiving the experiences we want with our thoughts whilst dwelling continuously on those thoughts, and the Universe then does its own part, in taking care of the details, and providing the results.

One part of the deal is our business, and the other part is God's business. Here is a simple explanation of how this works.

Our Desire is the earth soil; Our Thought is the seed; Our Emotion is the water; and Our Focus (or Repetitive action) is the Sunlight. All of which together lead to our crop, or goal achievement.


Let us put it in another way.


Just as: Earth soil + Seeds + Water + Sunlight = Crop and harvest. (in Formula 1)


Also: Desire + Thoughts + Emotions + Focus(or repetition) = Goal and harvest. (in Formula 2)

That there, is the nature of our reality. That, is the secret!

Your thoughts and beliefs, are like magnets that attract to you, your daily experiences. Since thoughts are constantly flowing from and through you, from one moment to the next, this implies that you are a moving, living, magnet, which is constantly attracting things, people, situations, and experiences to you, by the nature and quality, of the thoughts and emotions emanating from your being.

There are always new thoughts (with emotions) coming from you all the time. There are old thoughts, which you have been programmed with, and which are just hanging around in your mind out of habit. Some highly charged with emotion. The stronger the emotion the bigger the magnetic attraction. There are other thoughts which you perhaps unwittingly borrowed from society, friends, family or other people around you. Then there are some thoughts (and beliefs) you inherited. The ones you adopted and believed to be true (with a lot of emotional charge), are the ones creating the main and current reality you are experiencing right now.

Do you see how important this is, and how far reaching? Can you afford to ignore the importance of the information I am sharing with you here? The very good news is that thoughts can be changed.

For those of you who are spiritually attuned, I want to share with you another relevant spiritual perspective. (After all is said and done, I am first and foremost a spiritual practitioner). Within this Universal Law of Attraction, lies the reason, why forgiveness is so very important in our daily spiritual practice. Because forgiveness let's you get rid of a lot of unhelpful thoughts and emotional baggage attached to people, situations and events, which can act as weeds in your soil, suffocating your seedlings and corrupting your genuine harvest.

If you find forgiveness hard to do, then think of it as uprooting weeds from the garden of your thoughts and emotions. Unless of course you like weeds. In which case it is a choice whether to have them or not. Either way, you are responsible for whatever is growing in your garden. If your experience does not seem to be matching what you say you want, then it's time to weed your garden, and plant some new seeds. If you want to harvest tomatoes from your garden, don't expect to sow lettuce seeds to get tomatoes. Sow tomato seeds. This sounds obvious enough. If you want to manifest a lovely new home, don't sow thought and belief seeds of 'I can't afford to pay the rent'. Sow thought seeds of 'I enjoy living in my new home, and lovingly pay all my rent on time.'


So let's now see a show of hands from all those who want to be magnets attracting a great life, full of abundance, prosperity, joy, and above all... peace of mind?

Well, I thought so, and you are not alone. There are millions of us who feel the same way, and who want to have all of these things, and why not? The sky is not the limit. There is no limit to what God can do.


As an experienced spiritual counsellor and artist I have spent 3 decades of my life in constant study, research, observation, learning, testing and finetuning the application of many different spiritual practices, and traditions. From this heap of experience, I have developed and mastered a very simple, powerful and effective method for harnessing the law of attraction, in a manner that gets you actual results, in a simple, speedy, harmonious and beautiful way without any strain. Infact it is so simple, so natural, so enjoyable, its wonderful. Very young children can use it.


My Prayer Art (TM) is A Visual form of Prayer, that engages  your imagination, your positive emotions, and positive thought streams in such a way as to activate and evoke the creative forces of the Universe immediately to your aid. Eagerly and willingly they attend to your goals and requests. This is no myth, no exageration but a very real experience. Remember, you are always attracting, for as long as you are alive.  Is it not then worth your while, to choose consciously, what you want to attract into your life?


My PrayerArt (TM) has been used, tried and tested several times, for numerous situations, and has been proven to work very successfully. I have personally used it to turn my own life around, from the shabby unstable beginnings of a very unlucky, repressed abandoned, scared, lonely, confused, abused, and impoverished person to that of a clear, stable, loving, joyful, peaceful, respected and gifted individual with many talents and abilities. Believe me dear friend, if PrayerArt could work so well for me, it can also work for you.


To manifest the positive experiences, that we say we want on a regular basis, we need to maintain a habitual stream of positive, focused thoughts towards our desires.

Clearly, anything that can aid this stream of positive, focused thinking and high emotion in achieving our targets, is an extremely useful and valuable resource to have.


This is precisely where my PrayerArt (TM) can help you. As this is exactly the way it works, and the purpose for which PrayerArt is created. PrayeArt is intended to be a very enjoyable experience. It  did come to me as a gift, from the Universe, via a stream of intersting synchronicities, which I would be glad to elaborate on at another time. But right now, I want you to have, the direct experience of the benefits of PrayeArt (TM).


As an artist and visionary, I create the visual images. To which are then added the desires, positive thoughts, and affirmative prayers. These can be originated by either the client or myself, with the approval of mine and the client's Higher Selves. (Usually I act, as a 'witness, agent or catalyst' to the client's own original intentions). Once the essence of the goal have been agreed, they are combined with visual imagery, colours and patterns to form an energy magnet. This then works to maintain the necessary, stream of conscious repetitive positive thoughts and emotions, necessary to manifest the desired goal.


Prayer Art (TM) can been described  as a kind of Visual Talisman.

There are various ones. Some of my PrayerArt (TM)  and AffirmationArt (TM) are created, for general day to day affairs.  Others are tailored to specific requirements of the individual. Each piece is a gem to be pondered and enjoyed. Each piece is unique. Meditation upon PrayerArt work at regular intervals during the day, especially when they are tailored to you, gets you the results you want.

Is there something in the pictures that causes this to happen? Yes! There is. The pictures radiate energies of a very high frequency. They are embedded with the essence of the desired goal, and hold the highest frequency of the goal as a thoughtform. The PrayerArt pieces are themselves visual magnets.

As the saying goes 'the truth of the pie, is in the eating'. I suggest you just go ahead and try this out for yourself. You will be delighted with the simplicity of the process and the results that you achieve.


About Costs:

I want this service to be accessible to everyone who needs it, without money being a barrier. So there is no fixed fee for my PrayeArt. Payments are by donations only, and are largely dependent on one's ability to pay. Costs  can  be negotiated with me according to individual needs.  Average donations are around £15 or $20 a piece, some people are both willing and able to donate much more than that, especially when they see for themselves, the value of this work. I also make a few free pieces available  for people who are very much in need, and without any resources. Write to me and let's talk. I really want to help all I can.


For information on how to acquire your own Prayer Artwork, so as

1. To simply and easily manifest your innermost desires and

2. Have the life you need and want,here are  your options:-


A) Just go straight to the contact page here, at this site, and drop me a private message now.


B) Or you may send me an email request, to either of the following email addresses:-



And, please put the words 'URGENT REQUEST FOR PRAYERART INFO', in the Title bar.


Oh! I must let you know, there is naturally, a huge need and demand for my PrayerArt services. So I endeavour to answer all genuine requests within 3 working days.

It is my life's goal and purpose to lovingly serve you in this way, and I really look forward to your increased success and happiness through the use of this work.

Please enjoy having a look around my site. You are welcome to return here as often as you like for inspiration.  More content will be added, in due course.


I love you dearly.

Peace and Light

Rev. Bola

Me -Pastor Bola
Me -Pastor Bola